Month: June 2010

Welcome Home!

First, I have to start with an apology. I’m sorry! I’ve been gone far too long and have missed you all. You’ll have to excuse us; the gang and I have been moving for a couple of rough weeks. We’ve officially said ‘goodbye’ to Los Angeles and a big happy ‘hello’ to Orange County. There […]

5 Great Reasons to Go On a Walk With Your Dog

Occasionally, there are days when walking the dogs feels a little too much like a chore. It’s either difficult to pull myself away from my sewing/crafting table or I’m just feeling LA-to-the-ZY. I forget that the walk is actually mine and that I get to go where I want and walk for how long I […]

World Cup Pups

Congrats to the USA on their first World Cup game today! The games have officially started in my book. I must admit I’m disappointed we didn’t completely sock-it to those Brits, but am very pleased with our performance and the 1-1 draw. I am a serious soccer fan. The World Cup is an event I’ve […]

Animal Rescue Work vs. Animal Hoarding

I truly believe that the only way to add a new animal member to the family is by way of an animal rescue or shelter. In my experiences, the people involved are generally die-hard animal fans and will do as much as they possibly can to help homeless and unwanted animals. The dogs are grateful […]

Black Formosan Beauty

For the last month or so, Peri, Kicky and I have had the pleasure of entertaining a delicious little house guest. Seriously? Look at those ears. I don’t think this picture does them justice. They’re HUGE. And just to die for. I just want to nibble ’em. Just a little. I caught Peri doing so […]

my little (and not so little) inspirations…

I’d like to introduce you fortunate folks to two of the most soulful beings I know. They’re sort of a duo of super heroes (capes not included); a pair of well balanced, understanding, great-at-listening, and all around happy-go-lucky kids. These two are hugely responsible for my obsession with animals and an inspiration for this blog. […]