Month: July 2010


The beautiful Emma, formerly Alisa, has been adopted by an equally beautiful family from Pheonix, AZ. Meet Dan and Sarah, Emma’s new parents. Can you believe this special girl already found her perfect family? Emma is so fortunate to be blessed with Dan and Sarah, but I’ve been leaving out the best part: Emma has […]

Bicycling with your buddy

Last year, I was desperately searching for a way to exercise my overly hyper mutt. Her energy was just impossible for me to keep up with. I walked her daily and tried jogging. She refused to play fetch and didn’t play well with other dogs. I couldn’t afford a treadmill, nor could I fit a […]

Huntington Dog Beach

There is a serious lack of dog friendly beaches in California. It’s so unfortunate since we have such a plethora of them! So this fine misty morning, I was super excited to take Periwinkle out to explore the Huntington Dog Beach. And what an awesome beach it is! The truth is, I’m generally not a […]

Keeping Your Pets Safe on 4th of July

While we humans may anticipate July 4th as the pinnacle of summer fun in the U.S., our furry canines and felines usually hold quite the opposite opinion. Most of us already know that if you’re planning on really letting loose this year, you’ll have to prepare a comfy and safe place for your pets. The […]

New Recipe: Carob Kiss Cookies

Was your mutt extra sweet today? Did she greet your guests by sitting nicely at your side with a gently wagging tail? Or maybe she brought the morning paper in and placed it at your feet. Perhaps she saved her voice and took a day off barking. If so, it’s probably because she knows you […]