Month: November 2010

No one said it would be easy

Drum roll please…….. Ladies and Gents, I am please to introduce you to our very own…… CLEMENTINE! She’s our new foster dog. Yep. That’s her. One ridiculously difficult cutie pie. As I’ve said before, fostering dogs is a totally amazing and rewarding experience. What I haven’t said is that these feelings aren’t always obvious at […]

Dallas the Frenchman

Let’s just start this post with a YAY! Cash, formerly Dallas, has been adopted by a wonderful family, The French’s, in Anaheim Hills. Upon meeting Lauren and her parents, I knew immediately that he would fit right in to their lifestyle. It’s so rad to find the perfect match between family and canine. But, being […]

A little help goes a long way…

Can you spare a little love and time to help out two pups in need? My dear friends Christi and Kevin found these precious beauties on La Brea and Santa Monica starving for a meal and affection. They’re now at the West LA Animal Shelter, but we’re itching to get them out. These girls are […]