Month: September 2011

Baloo: Rescue Dog of the Week

Yes, he is named after the big bundle of bear in the Jungle Book and yes, he is one fun-loving lug of a guy. Periwinkle and I met Baloo with his owners Mark and Kylee a couple of weeks ago on a dog park outing. He is another perfect example of why everyone should add […]

Rescues You Should Support

Fresno Bully Rescue – If you’re a pit bull lover like me, you’ll certainly take an interest in this fine rescue located in Southern California. Labs & Buddies – I was fortunate to foster dogs for this rescue located in Los Angeles. Laura is a dedicated rescue owner and works around the clock to […]

Dog Walking Lesson 1: How to Hold a Leash

Almost every client I have has asked for advice in regards to handling their dog on a leash. Sometimes people come to me because they hate walking their dog and they’d just rather have someone else do it; their dog is either pulling or aggressively lunging or likes to stop to sniff every 5 feet […]

Places for Dogs and Their People

FOREST PARK : 8 out of 10 Friday we had an opportunity to visit Forest Park and see some of the amazing foliage that makes Oregon such a beautiful place. We climbed Tolinda Trail, one of many in the 5,000+ acre forest in NW Portland. The drizzly afternoon kept the trail quiet and we ran […]