Month: May 2014

PDX Heat Wave!

This is a re-post from an old post but the info is still good & very applicable to this crazy-heat-wave nonsense that’s about to drop in PDX… It looks like temperatures are going to be soaring over the next week. Not all animal-loving Portlanders have air-conditioners and because I care so much about all of […]

Welcome to the Ruff Mutts Family!

We have some great dogs we want to welcome to Ruff Mutts! We can’t wait to spend ample time with all of them walking the streets of Portland and tearing up some turf at the dog park. Thanks for being part of Ruff Mutts! Cleo Bruthcar   Dottie Dottie at the DPA Bettie   Pendo […]

PBS: Dogs That Changed the World

I recently watched Dogs That Changed the World, a PBS film from their Nature series and was at the edge of my seat, glued to the screen with all the amazing and fun info I was learning. If you’re fascinated by dogs, like me, then find this video, grab some popcorn smothered in goodness, and […]