Here are some special ones from this week…

Fabulous Felines:

saying 'hello'

a little dude who's out of this world!

Astro is a darling kitty who is ready to show you lots of love. This orange and white guy will curl up on your lap and purr for hours. He enjoys head scratches and tuna fish snacks. He’s full grown at 1.5  years but has a lot of maturing to do with the right family. His permanent ID is A1046882.



Looking for a Himalayan? Missy is a perfect example of what they should all desire to be: sweet as pie and simply gorgeous! Take this little gem home now! She’ll make your life. Her permanent ID is A1046500.

snow white

hey, good lookin'!

Rosie…. such a fair maiden trapped behind bars due to no fault of her own. Rosie is desperately wanting to be freed. This girl is a charmer who is playful and would do well in an energetic home. Do you have a critter who needs a friend? Perhaps she’s your long-lost-bud… pun intended. At three years old she’s got lots of time and love to give her next family. Her permanent ID is A1038700.

Whatsup, homie?

gangsta handshake and shyit.

The gangsta of gangstas, Chaos has tons of energy and play to fill your days with lots of laughs. She lives up to her name and would do great with an owner looking for a little firecracker. Visit her today in the pen. Her permanent ID is A1046760.

the cutie they call Snape

Severus? I don’t get it…He’s a calm, sophisticated, sweetheart. So don’t let the name fool you! If you’re looking for a cuddler who will enjoy lap time, this is your guy. Get down to the shelter and see what joy he can bring to anyone looking for love. His permanent ID is A1027461.



Shampoo is a beautiful, well kempt lady who is proud of her looks and likes to show them off. Her sweet demeanor will sweep you off your feet and you’ll wonder what you did before you had her. She loves affection and being scratched all over. She belongs in a home and knows it and is doing her best to break free of those chains. Don’t be surprised if you can’t leave this girl behind. Her permanent ID is A1046881.

Magnificent Mutts:


This Labrador Retriever Mix we like to call Leia is just waiting patiently for her new man to carry her away. With her adorable looks its easy to believe it’ll happen! The 9 month old is at the perfect age to be whipped (not literally) into the perfect comrade by her new human friend. This patient sweetie can be found under her permanent ID A1041160.

cuddle time, anyone?

ready to go home now...

Smalls is a woman who has been through the ringer. She’s had puppies and it’s likely more than one litter. The lady keeps moving on although she doesn’t know where her babies are. The pitbull princess is very deserving of a loving family that will hug and hold her through the cold nights and watch her blossom on warm summer days. At 2 years she is over the puppy stage but still has lots of life to live with her new friend. Won’t you go check her out? Her permanent ID is A1036966.

Hound dog in disguise...

longing for freedom...

Who could this be? Why, Freddy of course! This lovely 1 year old dude is also a lovely mix – they claim he’s a basset-hound-pit-bull… I’m not even sure if there is a way to abbreviate that! He certainly looks like a perfect mix of the two. Freddy is wearing long floppy ears by Basset Hound and a long low body of the same brand. He also has a stout muscular frame and a brindle coat by Pit-bull. He was certainly happy to see me! I’m sure he’d love to see you as well. Please go visit him. He’s simply irresistible! His permanent ID is A1046804.

senior girl with lots of love to give

with lots of laughs to enjoy

and lots of kisses to bestow!

Molly is a sweet old Chocolate Labrador looking for a good home. As an 8 year old senior, she is still pretty spry and greeted me with a hop, skip, and a jump at the gate as I approached. You can bet this girl is potty trained and already knows her manners at the table. She’s likely to be a pretty low-maintenace mama if you care about your carpet and furniture. Her permanent ID is A0562860.


saying i love you.

Wriggles is wriggly! She just wants to say I love you, though! Please don’t mind her excitement. She just can’t wait to smell and kiss your hand. This Dachsund Terrier mix would fit very well into a family that wants an easy dog… one who’s sweet, friendly, quiet, and simple well behaved. Wriggles has energy, but not too much. Wriggles gives kisses, but not too many. Wriggles loves attention, but not too often. This girl will keep you wanting more. Visit her today at the shelter under permanent ID A1044898.

big head, big heart

The perfect specimen of a pitbull is found in Atticus. He is strong yet gentle, soft spoken yet wise, and rough around the edges, but dashingly handsome. If he can’t melt you into his arms, no one being can. He is a gentle being waiting for a gentle hand to walk him home. I fell for this guy immediately. At 10 months old he still has some growing to do and will certainly be a big boy! But his gentleness is unlikely to fade for as he grows, so will his heart! This adoring fawn boy can be found under permanent ID A0998204.

tiny dynamo


Alright, I hate picking favorites because I love all these mangy creatures but today little Ricky may have won 1st place by the slightest tick. He was just so darn cute! He is tineeeeee. Tiny! Like, less than 5 pounds. But he acted like a big gentle love bug! What do you do with a dynamo like that? You take him home and make his dreams come true. Please visit this little 2 year old chihuahua mix under his permanent ID A1044965.

handsome sir


take me home!

Snoopy is yours for the taking. Just rush over to the shelter and walk this guy straight outta there and home. This Dachsund mix will stay under 15 pounds and will be a quiet gentle guy. At 1 year old he is totally malleable and can be forged into your perfect companion. If you’re into the doxie breed, this guy is a great choice! His permanent ID is A1045687.

brown eyes



Red alert! Don’t get too close to this one! You may just melt away if you get to close! This Labrador Doberman Pinscher mix is a rare find who possesses the brilliance of both breeds, the desire to please of the Dobies, the playfulness of the labs, and the all over great traits of both. As he is such a young and rare gem, he won’t last long. Get your buns over to the shelter before the next person does! His permanent ID is A1046805.

the perfect mix


There’s a pug at the pound. He may not be full blooded. But that’s okay because he’s cuter than full blooded pugs. As a stout pug mix, the 2 year old won’t get any bigger and will stay a cute little fellow. He was such a gentle mutt hoping someone would snatch him up. Please go see Rhett under his permanent ID A1045815.

oooo! pick me!

you're looking for me! i'm the one!

hold me!

Meriweather is a magical little lady. Her tricolor coat is still attractive for 5 years old and she is as frisky as the next pup. This girl loves attention and loves to see you smile. She’s a people pleaser who will great you with licks and a tail wag but give you the space you need. She’s a joker, if you can’t tell from her first picture, and will do her best to get a laugh from her stilly antics. See her under her permanent ID A1043472.


waiting for a warm place to lie down

Blue got a lot of attention today! He was a gentle little chihuahua who didn’t talk too much and just wanted to relax in your hands. He likes to have his head scratched and likes to see what’s going on around him. The 10 month old would love to finally have a warm bed and someone to hold him tight. His permament ID is A1046126.