About Ruff Mutts

Rachel, CPDT-KA

Founder & Dog Trainer

Rae is the founder and owner of Ruff Mutts. Her duties include everything from Dog Trainer to Dog Park Adventurer. Rae is a certified dog trainer through the CCPDT, Pet First Aid and CPR Certified through Pet Tech, a graduate of the Dog Trainer Prep School at the Oregon Humane Society, an Instructor for several courses at Whole Dog Academy, and a member of the Association of Professional Dog Trainers. Some of her favorite dog trainers to keep up with are Terry Ryan, Sophia Yin, and Nicole Wilde. She is an avid animal lover who continues volunteer work to help rescue animals and is very happy to have 3 furry rescue critters in her family: Periwinkle, Kickstand & sweet Cornbread! Outside of her dog obsession, she enjoys traveling & Harry Potter.


No less than an animal fanatic, you can find Lindsay working all day every day with creatures in some capacity! Lindsay has worked as a keeper for the Oregon Zoo & has been working with animals for as long as she can remember. In her free time she enjoys spending time with family & friends, camping, & playing softball.


After a decade of pleading with her parents, Aliza finally  got her first dog Simon at age 15 and fell in love. She now spends as much time with pups as she can making up for those 10 years of asking. She has spent the last few years boarding doggies in her home. When she isn’t fulfilling her childhood dreams playing or cuddling with your furry friends, she loves being outside, crafting homebrews and pickling everything with her husband.


Rachel graduated from Lewis & Clark College with a degree in Environmental Studies, backing her love for the outdoors and respect for the natural world. Her passion for animal welfare began at 8 years old when she started her own petsitting business in her hometown of Wilmington, Delaware. She has years of experience raising her own dogs and caring for animals of all personalities and temperaments. She recently raised her 3 year old rescue dog, realizing the abilities of positive reinforcement training to strengthen a life long bond between dog and owner. When she’s not caring for your furry friends, she spends time exploring the PNW outdoors, doing arts and crafts, and relaxing with her own furry bud, Levi.


Cali, our resident trainer-in-training, has a love for dogs that runs deep & her experience is diverse & wide-ranging. Growing up in Arizona, her family bred border collies for a time & ran a dog rescue operation where she sometime had more than 30 dogs to care for! Her professional animal experience started at PetCo & she also spent time as a dog handler for Sniff Dog Hotel. In her spare time, Cali goes to PCC where she is studying linguistics & enjoys spending time with her family, including her very special rescue pup, Paws.


My name is Teresa Spittler and I graduated from professional dog training school outside Austin, TX. For ten years prior to becoming a certified trainer, I worked in doggy daycares and pet sitting services across several Midwestern cities. With the strong background in observing dog language and hands on experience, I easily transferred my skills to training field. I thrive on a challenge and love witnessing the timid dog’s transformation to confidence as well as the helping the uncontrollable pet learn balance and respect. Running, hiking, and nosework, and tricks are my favorite high energy activities that I perform daily with my canine companions. As a fun-loving, active, and hard-working individual, I have found the career of dog training as the perfect complement to my lifestyle. I’m so happy to spend my time everyday outside in nature with my four-legged friends doing what I love!