The beautiful Emma, formerly Alisa, has been adopted by an equally beautiful family from Pheonix, AZ. Meet Dan and Sarah, Emma’s new parents. Can you believe this special girl already found her perfect family?

Dan and Sarah

Emma is so fortunate to be blessed with Dan and Sarah, but I’ve been leaving out the best part: Emma has a new brother, JoJo, who they adopted last November.

Sarah & JoJo

Dan & JoJo

Don’t let the pictures fool you – JoJo is a terribly handsome little fellow who is almost a dead ringer for the former Alisa. I do believe this was all meant to be. So, for now,  goodbye Emma!

Love at first sight...

Puppy pow-wow

Part of the family

Emma & JoJo

By adopting Emma, Dan and Sarah have enabled me to open up space for another mutt. Who will be next?