Advice from a Dog Walker: Not Coming When Called



Hi Rachel,

Chuck seems to be trying to establish his dominance.  He is not coming when called as often.
All in all, I think we’ve settled into a good routine with the pups.  It may need some tweaking here and there but they seem to be happy and their behavior is slowly but surely getting better.  Thanks again for everything!
Hey Heather,
First of all, you know that Chuck knows what the command ‘come’ means so you don’t have to
teach him it’s meaning anymore. If you stop using it for a little while, that’s ok. For now, use the word when you are absolutely certain he will obey, for example, when it’s dinner time, when you have him on a leash, or when a big reward exists on the other end. Secondly, you want to make sure he knows you won’t play the run-&-chase game he tries to start when you ask him to come.
First, let’s work on setting him up for success. Don’t let his desire to see what he can get away with trick you. My suggestion is to NOT ask him to ‘come’ if you think there is the slightest chance he won’t. I would eliminate the opportunity for him to fail at the task… does that make sense? For example, because I know he will run the opposite direction when I ask him to ‘come’ at the end of a visit, I no longer ask him to do that. I just go get him & escort him very nicely by the collar to the house. I coo & love on him the whole time. I never use the word & he never gets to play his game & disobey. But, he does know that being with me he gets rewarded with praise. I also started leaving a few pieces of kibble in his crate for his return to the house. Now, he anticipates the kibble surprise & when I call him at the end of his visit, he gladly comes when called.
Second, if you ask him to come during what you perceive to be guaranteed success and he doesn’t obey & tries to start a game, do not chase him. Walk away or maybe even go back to the house & leave him in the yard. The next time you go out, wait for him to approach you & just escort him to where he needs to go.
I hope this helps,


Happy dudes

Happy dudes