Black Formosan Beauty

For the last month or so, Peri, Kicky and I have had the pleasure of entertaining a delicious little house guest.

Introducing Alysa

Large Ears

Seriously? Look at those ears. I don’t think this picture does them justice. They’re HUGE. And just to die for. I just want to nibble ’em. Just a little. I caught Peri doing so the other day and thought, “Oooh! That looks fun!” She is such a beauty and sweet as loquat pie. But the poor girl hasn’t always realized her inner/outer beauty. This is who she once was on a little island off the coast of China called Taiwan.

Poor Girl

Poor Girl

Sad Girl

Sad Girl

Now, she’s a dignified young lady called Alysa, lounging on queen-sized beds,…


…soaking up the warm Los Angeles sun,…

Alysa the Magnificent

… and sometimes wearing party hats looking spooked as hell.

Ready for the Tiki Party

So, thanks to Laura Portillo of Labs & Buddies Rescue (, she’ll be stationed in our humble abode learning the ropes of a major city and the English language until she finds her perma-home. Please let me know if you’re interested! But until then, we’re jazzed to have her!