Cat Pee Stinks!!!

In my experience as a pet sitter, I’ve found that pets take after their people. That’s why I’m so darn lucky to have such amazing, sweet, talented, & eccentric clients. It means I’ll be spending my time with their equally magnificent furry family.

This story focuses on one of my clients’ very special kittens named Loki and formerly named Orion (although that’s an almost unbelievable story for a different post). Maybe, like me, you’ve heard the myth that cats can actually be potty trained to use the toilet. Maybe, like me, you’ve fantasized that this magic could somehow be real & that you could eliminate the litter from your life forever (amen)!!! Cat pee & poo away with one downward press of a lever? But how could it be true? And if it were, how do these crazy people train their cats to do something so desperately needed in every cat lovers household?

Well, folks, behold! Consider this myth busted.