Welcome to the Ruff Mutts Family!

We have some great dogs we want to welcome to Ruff Mutts! We can’t wait to spend ample time with all of them walking the streets of Portland and tearing up some turf at the dog park. Thanks for being part of Ruff Mutts! Cleo Bruthcar   Dottie Dottie at the DPA Bettie   Pendo […]

Dog ACL Injury: Periwinkle’s CCL Story

Dogs are resilient creatures. Dog walking & pet sitting around PDX town, I see it all the time. Still, it’s hard to remember that fact when something happens to your own furry baby. With a body full of surprise-relief-delight (in that order), today I very proudly watched & helped Periwinkle hobble her way out of […]

Kickstand finds a s(pot).

Kickstand is a finder of oddly comfortable places. She also favors eccentric snoozing positions. Her favorite spots include the bathroom sink, my laptop computer and other flat electronics, on top of dog toys, paper and boxes, and, of course, countertops where her kickstand can rock. This collection of photos is evidence of her antics. As […]

Baloo: Rescue Dog of the Week

Yes, he is named after the big bundle of bear in the Jungle Book and yes, he is one fun-loving lug of a guy. Periwinkle and I met Baloo with his owners Mark and Kylee a couple of weeks ago on a dog park outing. He is another perfect example of why everyone should add […]

Ruff Mutts Co-op is in PDX!

It is with great pleasure that I’m able to say that my furry (and not so furry) family and I now call Portland, OR home! The four of us arrived Thursday, September 1st from Southern California and we couldn’t have stumbled in at a better time; we’ve had an amazing week of warm weather to […]