No one said it would be easy

Drum roll please…….. Ladies and Gents, I am please to introduce you to our very own…… CLEMENTINE! She’s our new foster dog. Yep. That’s her. One ridiculously difficult cutie pie. As I’ve said before, fostering dogs is a totally amazing and rewarding experience. What I haven’t said is that these feelings aren’t always obvious at […]

A little help goes a long way…

Can you spare a little love and time to help out two pups in need? My dear friends Christi and Kevin found these precious beauties on La Brea and Santa Monica starving for a meal and affection. They’re now at the West LA Animal Shelter, but we’re itching to get them out. These girls are […]


The beautiful Emma, formerly Alisa, has been adopted by an equally beautiful family from Pheonix, AZ. Meet Dan and Sarah, Emma’s new parents. Can you believe this special girl already found her perfect family? Emma is so fortunate to be blessed with Dan and Sarah, but I’ve been leaving out the best part: Emma has […]

Black Formosan Beauty

For the last month or so, Peri, Kicky and I have had the pleasure of entertaining a delicious little house guest. Seriously? Look at those ears. I don’t think this picture does them justice. They’re HUGE. And just to die for. I just want to nibble ’em. Just a little. I caught Peri doing so […]

my little (and not so little) inspirations…

I’d like to introduce you fortunate folks to two of the most soulful beings I know. They’re sort of a duo of super heroes (capes not included); a pair of well balanced, understanding, great-at-listening, and all around happy-go-lucky kids. These two are hugely responsible for my obsession with animals and an inspiration for this blog. […]