Dallas the Frenchman

Let’s just start this post with a YAY! Cash, formerly Dallas, has been adopted by a wonderful family, The French’s, in Anaheim Hills. Upon meeting Lauren and her parents, I knew immediately that he would fit right in to their lifestyle.

Lauren & Cash

It’s so rad to find the perfect match between family and canine. But, being a foster parent, I’m often faced with a bit of a bitter-sweet ending. I spend time loving these mutts, watching them blossom, and in the end they go away. I often think about them and wonder what amazing dogs they’ve become. For the first time, this is not the case. I don’t have to wonder. Cash has moved right down the street! I’m so lucky to have a special opportunity to continue my friendship with him and know exactly what he’s up to.

I’ve seen Cash on two different occasions since he left my arms and it’s such a treat to see the difference a home makes. He is glowing. His smile has widened, his eyes have brightened, his gait has sharpened, and his confidence is abundant. He loves Lauren and knows that she is his family. He feels like he finally belongs and has someone on his team.

Cash French