Difficult Pet Support Group – Nurturing the Bond: Living with and Loving your Challenging Pets


Tuesday, February 18th 2020

7 – 8pm

Brew Dr. NE Albert Street Location

2223 NE Alberta Street, Portland OR 97211

*Look for us downstairs in the basement*

BondAs the guardian of a difficult pet, you may feel frustrated and bewildered. You have likely been adapting your lifestyle to accommodate your pet’s special needs. You may be in doubt of your pet ownership abilities and instincts. You may feel exhausted and isolated because family and friends keep their distance.

The Difficult Pet Support group welcomes all people who struggle with the challenge of living with and caring for their difficult pet. This group is dedicated to supporting you in managing and honoring your bond, no matter how delicate or difficult. We aim to achieve this by providing a supportive social network to help reduce isolation and stress and by encouraging you to mindfully notice and cherish the positive aspects in your relationship with your pet.

While we strongly believe that training is a great way to further explore your relationship with your dog, our group focuses on the emotions involved with your relationship and does not include training advice.

We will facilitate monthly meetings that will incorporate member-to-member communication and support in a safe and open environment. Group attendees are invited to relate their own challenging, personal struggles while vowing to offer a nonjudgmental, empathetic ear and coping strategies when requested by peers.

What better group of people to connect with than those who walk in the same shoes?

The advantages of attending this support group are limitless. Some of the best reasons to join include:

  • Sharing common experiences and exploring problems
  • Learning new coping strategies and healthy emotional outlets for frustrations
  • Forming new friendships and discovering a sense of community
  • Learning to thrive in spite of your pet’s issues
  • Being surrounded by a love based approach to repair and nurture your bond 

*Pet photos are welcome but please leave your furry family home.*


Email Rachel@RuffMuttsCooperative.com to reserve your seat or to ask further questions. No phone calls please.


Enid Traisman

Enid is the director of the DoveLewis Pet Loss Support and Art Therapy Programs, which she founded in 1986.  She facilitates four support groups each month and provides art therapy for the community and Dove Lewis staff each month. Enid is the author of a guided remembrance journal especially designed to support and help bereaved pet owners navigate life without their beloved pets. Enid presents workshops for the staff at DoveLewis and for veterinary clinics and conferences around the country about pet bereavement, compassion fatigue, and the human-animal companion bond.

Rachel Bow

Rae is the founder and owner of Ruff Mutts, a pet sitting, dog exercising, and dog training business in Portland, OR that specializes in providing gentle care for difficult dogs. Her experience outside of Ruff Mutts includes volunteer work with the Oregon Humane Society, OC Animal Care, and various independent rescue organizations. She shares her life with her husband Charlie, her rescue pit Periwinkle, and two stray tabby cats, Cornbread & Kickstand.

We cherish our furry families and are fascinated by the loyalty, love, & friendship we share with our pets everyday. The depth of our relationships inspired us to start our support group, Nurturing the Bond: Loving and Living with Difficult Dogs. We recognize every person and pet is deserving of this connection and hope our group will help facilitate and honor the bond.