Does your dog need more exercise? Try a dog pack.

I am a firm believer in using the many tools available to improve your relationship with your dog and make a happier household. I have used gentle leaders, prong collars, treats, choke chains, martingale collars, harnesses, muzzles, bikes, games, and tons of different toys. Today, I want to talk about an item that I find especially helpful for many of my clients with high-energy dogs: the dog pack.

Our model today is Sasha, one perfect example of a super sweet and silly high-energy girl in need of lots of exercise. I’ve been working with her owner for over a month getting Sasha’s excitement and energy under control. Beside walking biking, and training her, we added weight to her walks. This dog pack by Outward Hound helps us do just that.

This particular pack hooks onto Sasha in three places: around her chest, and twice under her belly. To fit the pack, tighten each of the straps until it is comfortably snug and secure and does not allow the pack to sag to one side. Make sure the pack rests over your dog’s shoulders and front legs where the weight should be carried. It is common for people to add full water bottles or soft weights to the zipper pockets. Keep the weight in the pockets as balanced as possible. Ruff Wear packs, another manufacturer of dog packs, recommends that your dog doesn’t carry more than 25-30% of his body weight. Start off with a small amount and gradually add weight to the pack as he gets stronger.

Now your turn! Anyone have any other doggy tools he’d like to share? Please leave a comment and let me know.

🙂 Rae