Dog Breed Identification: What kind of dog is that?

Earlier this year I participated in a really fun & interesting study guessing a dog’s breed or mix just from his appearance. The study, Dog Breed Identification: What kind of dog is that? was conducted by Julie Levy, DVM, PhD & made possible by the National Canine Research Foundation.

The study asked more than 5,000 dog experts to determine “What kind of dog is that?” based on little information. Participants were shown 2 photos (portrait & profile), a given the height, weight, & age for 100 dogs.

The results are finally here. I have to admit, the task was a challenging one! I’m not sure where my personal predictions landed but the results will show that the experts were 100% correct 0 times. What does this mean?

There are many reasons people like to know a dog’s line. For some, it is as silly & simple as playing a fun, little guessing game. For others, it is a serious question with the answer telling the dog’s personality & temperament.

Although it seems the results are undesirable, with dog experts failing to correctly identify the dogs, the results have given me great relief. We can put a spin on an old saying to explain the positive side of these results: Don’t judge a pup by his color.

And just for fun, here are a few from the study for you to try!

What Kind of Dog is This?

Dog 7

Dog 17

Dog 8