Dog Park Adventures

$37 per adventure

Happy EmerickDoes your mutt love to wrestle, chase, & gallop with other dogs, bark wildly while sprinting donuts in the grass, play keep away and tug-of-war with giant sticks, scamper & bound through piles of fall leaves, zoom through the park chasing flying tennis balls, & just get ridiculously silly? And does your dog need help socializing & responding to cues around distractions? Is working off your pups excessive energy taking all of yours?

Potato & his new friend!

If your answer is YES, then our Dog Park Adventures are for you! Every weekday, Ruff Mutts offers a 3 hour round-trip adventure at a park in beautiful Portland. Your dog will join a small, regular pack of up to 5 dogs to run, swim, explore, practice polite play, work on cues around distractions, & fetch in the rain, sun, snow, or whatever comes our way. We spend up to 1.5 hours at the park. You will come home to a happy, satisfied dog who will be better behaved inside & outside your home.

Chimney Park Dog Park Adventure

Ruff Mutts takes extra precaution to make sure all dogs invited to the DPAs are perfect for the job. Each dog is required to provide vaccination records, keep their dog on a flea control, and be spayed or neutered. We administer an in-person meet-n-greet at home with the guardian & dogs followed by a Private Dog Park Adventure ($65) to assess behavior one-on-one to verify behavior is appropriate for the group. We do not discriminate – any size and breed is welcome!

Dog Adventure Car Ride with CooperPablo & his ballPotato Happy Belle RenoBelle Bella & Sadie BindyLuna & Cooper Cooper Dog Park Adventure with Ruff Mutts Best Friends


Cooper vs Big StickReno & Jack



Dog Adventure Car RideHegel & Pablo get crazy!

Happy Tina