Dog Training

Dog Training Services

Your relationship with your dog is a deep bond regardless of the ups and downs. Let us help you strengthen that bond with our various training services that can help you teach wanted behaviors, curb unwanted behaviors, and improve your dog knowledge & communication skills. We want you to love your life with your canine companion!

“Instead of using coercion we can learn to lead like a leader in a dance.”

– Dr. Sophia Yin

Private Training

Training sessions with a CPDT-KA trainer can include up to 3 topics to discuss and a one page Training Plan to help you continue training at home.

$90 per hour


Board & Train

Training in our home while you are away or if you just need a break. Training plans are custom & to be discussed at the free 30 minute consult & meet-n-greet that takes place at our home. Each 4 day plus board & train includes one training consult at pick-up.

$130 per 24 hour period

Specific Topics:

  • Jumping Up
  • Loose Leash Walking
  • Leash Reactivity
  • Excessive Barking
  • Recall
  • Mat Training
  • Polite Play
  • Confinement Training
  • Stay
  • Polite Greetings at the Door
  • Potty Training
  • Puppy Biting or Mouthiness
  • Chewing
  • Digging

Broad Topics:

  • Choosing the Right Dog for You
  • Bringing Your New Puppy or Dog Home
  • How to Teach Your Dog Basic Cues: Sit, Down, Target, Come, Stay, Watch Me
  • How to Teach your Dog Something New
  • Basics of Positive Reinforcement Training
  • What is Socialization Anyway?
  • Dog Park Play & Etiquette
  • Preventing Behavior Issues
  • Effective & Safe Management for Behavior Challenges
  • Alternative Routines for Challenging Dogs
  • Emotional Support for Caretakers of Difficult Dogs

Training Walks

Does your dog need help with loose leash walking, polite greetings with strangers, and basic outdoor manners? Is your dog reactive toward dogs, people, or more? Sign up for training walks & start enjoying walks with your dog.

$30 for 30 minutes

$42 for 45 minutes

$55 for 60 minutes

Private Training for Low Income Clients & Rescue Partners

We are currently looking for rescue partners!

Rae is offering private hour long training sessions to rescue partners & low income parties at a deeply discounted rate. Low income clients should let Rae know of their desire to participate in the program ahead of time & should be able to provide proof of income. Please get in touch ahead of time to take advantage of this great program!**

$50 per hour