Huntington Dog Beach

There is a serious lack of dog friendly beaches in California. It’s so unfortunate since we have such a plethora of them! So this fine misty morning, I was super excited to take Periwinkle out to explore the Huntington Dog Beach. And what an awesome beach it is! The truth is, I’m generally not a fan of dog parks – I think they’re a bit of a breeding ground for trouble. But this place was just rad! Since it was a cloudy morning, there weren’t too many dogs. The sand was clean and the waves were a lot of fun for the mutts to play in. Peri met some really sweet buddies and their owners were all responsible and friendly. When you go, make sure to bring water, a poop bag, and appropriate beach wear for you! This park will definitely be as enjoyable for you as it is your dogs. I would love to go to this park for an all day extravaganza with my mutt and person posse.

The Beautiful Beach

Oh, hello!!!!

Paw prints in the sand

Havin' some fun

The puppy golden takes on the puppy pit

What's going on here?