Introducing Ruff Mutts’ New Partner, Pet Sitter, Dog Walker, & Dog Trainer Kelly Witters

I’m thrilled to announce that on July 1st, 2013 Ruff Mutts’ welcomed it’s newest member, Kelly Witters. Kelly is a certified professional dog trainer (CPDT) through the Animal Behavior College and comes to Ruff Mutts excited to share her love of animals and expertise in the field of dog training. Kelly is a business partner and owner and will be taking on various roles within Ruff Mutts, including dog walking, dog hiking, dog training, and small animal pet sitting.

Kelly & Luna

1. What attracts or excites you the most about Ruff Mutts?

I am truly grateful for the opportunity to be able to share my dog training experience and passion for animals with the Ruff Mutts Cooperative. I feel honored to be welcomed in to this already thriving business and the positive energy Rae has laid down as a foundation. I look forward to building trust with clients and assisting them in developing a mutually beneficial relationship with their pets.

2. How did your relationship with animals develop and where is it now? 

I grew up with lots of pets around the house and developed a particular affinity for dogs while living in San Francisco. I was lucky to have close friends with some amazing dogs that I felt such a connection with. I began researching breeds and behavior which led me to dog training school. After receiving my certification I started volunteering at animal shelters and eventually adopted my own adorable Shepherd/Pitbull mutt named Luna. I am drawn to all animals but dogs have stolen my heart in a special way.

3. What are some of your hopes and dreams for Ruff Mutts’ future? 

My biggest goal is education. The more people understand their dogs or dog behavior in general, the more happy pets stay in happy homes. I would love to build a community outreach to people with difficult breeds or dogs that are tough to socialize or train. My belief is the better you can recognize what your dog is thinking or trying to tell you, the better equipped you are to handle any situation and build a stable home for your furry friend. I’d love to offer more information and resources to those adopting dogs, more rescues, and stimulating activities like hiking, swimming, agility and social interaction for dogs of all breeds and sizes.

4. What else should Ruff Mutts clients know about you? 

I care about you and your pets! I love problem solving and feel like there is always more than one solution. I believe in patience and awareness. I want to know anything that might be on your mind regarding your pet and lifestyle. I am always happy to be researching new techniques and seeing what works. Everyone’s situation is a little different and that what makes it so interesting. Let’s figure it out together!