Keeping Your Pets Safe on 4th of July

While we humans may anticipate July 4th as the pinnacle of summer fun in the U.S., our furry canines and felines usually hold quite the opposite opinion. Most of us already know that if you’re planning on really letting loose this year, you’ll have to prepare a comfy and safe place for your pets. The Humane Society has some pretty good tips to help you in your preparation and I’d also like to add a few of my own.

1) Keep your dog crated. Keep multiple dogs crated separately. Leaving you’re pup inside is necessary. Crating him inside is better. This will prevent any destruction your dog may cause from fear triggered by the loud noises. It’ll also prevent him from hurting himself should he, say, “scatter” when he hears the loud popping noises and knocks heavy items over. And if your dog has been crate trained correctly, he certainly knows and loves it as if it is the safest place in your home. Although your dogs may normally get along while being crated together, don’t risk it today. Dogs can behave very differently when acting on anxious fear. I would suggest crating them in separate crates but in the same room or near one another. Make sure your cat’s hiding place is available. Kickstand loves our new closet. I’ll make sure the door is open enough for her to squeeze through, but closed enough so she feels hidden from anything outside.

2) Close all windows. This simply reduces the noise coming in.

3) Turn on a noise maker your pets are used to. I would suggest maybe a fan or a TV. This will help mask the noise from any fireworks and the hum will soothe your animals.

4) Hire a walker or sitter to visit while you’re gone. If you already know that your animals are going to be very anxious, I would pay the extra fee and find a sitter nearby who can at least quickly drop in and do a check up. In addition, this will help your peace of mind as almost every dog walker/sitter is happy to call or text you and give you a full report of the happenings at home.

5) Drop your mutt or kitty off at a friend’s quiet place. I feel this is a really good option if you live in a rowdy neighborhood. With a combination like crazy neighbors and  fireworks, the potential for things to get ugly is huge! If you can anticipate this as a possibility, maybe there’s a home away from home that would be better for your loved furry one. Think about it; if you and your creature have frequented a friend’s home and your pup has tagged along several times, maybe he’d be happier, safer, and calmer staying in a familiar place on a street you know is quieter.

Alright, enough said. Have a happy and safe 4th!