Lucy: Rescue Dog of the Week

Walking Peri every day, I’ve already gotten a feel for the dogs and the people in this town. I’ve seen that Portland is full of awesome, sweet, happy dogs & also amazing people who care for them. Almost every time I’m out, I meet someone who has been a savior to their mutt & enjoyed their story so much that I can’t wait to connect with more people in the dog rescue community here. I hope that sharing some of these inspiring tales will motivate my readers to do something good, whether it’s volunteering at a dog shelter or paying $3 a month for a child in India to have shoes.  I’d really love to hear more inspiring stories from Portland or anywhere so if you have any please leave a comment or shoot me an email!


Lucy is a rescue dog who the Winks & I met at Irvington Park. We also met her amazingly cool owners, Tara & Ben, who were excited to share her story.

Ben & Tara found the beautiful Lucy at the Seattle animal shelter before they relocated to Portland last year. They’re not sure of her back story, but since they’ve had her they’ve made a conscious effort to improve her people skills. Lucy can be a little coy but has warmed up and their efforts have obviously paid off!