No one said it would be easy

Drum roll please……..

Ladies and Gents, I am please to introduce you to our very own……


She’s our new foster dog. Yep. That’s her. One ridiculously difficult cutie pie.

Clementine's favorite spot

As I’ve said before, fostering dogs is a totally amazing and rewarding experience. What I haven’t said is that these feelings aren’t always obvious at the get-go. As a dog lover, I’m able to understand a lot of bad behavior and unwanted habits. But, man, sometimes, these dogs are hard to handle! Some have seen so little of the world and lived in such bad conditions that they know literally nothing of what normal life is.

Clementine is this dog. Although she doesn’t show any sign of being physically abused, the mental abuse she suffered is apparent and drastic. If Clementine is ever to be adoptable, her emotional suffering needs to be attacked head on. Over the next few days, weeks, or however-long-it-takes, I will be sharing our struggle to make Clementine one happy mutt.