PBS: Dogs That Changed the World

I recently watched Dogs That Changed the World, a PBS film from their Nature series and was at the edge of my seat, glued to the screen with all the amazing and fun info I was learning. If you’re fascinated by dogs, like me, then find this video, grab some popcorn smothered in goodness, and throw that DVD into the player! It really was so fun and, of course, left me totally ¬†impressed with the ever-amazing canine. Here are some highlights:

The story of Delta, a diabetes sniffing German Shepherd dog, that changed a little boy’s life.

Delta the Service Dog

Delta the Service Dog

An excellent vigenette discussing the transition of working dogs to pet dogs, with wise word from dog trainer Robert Alleyne.

A really cool evolutionary theory brought to light by biologist Raymond Coppinger who suggests dogs were domesticated by living off of trash created from the earliest group human settlements.


Just wanted to share. Have you seen it?