PDX Heat Wave!

This is a re-post from an old post but the info is still good & very applicable to this crazy-heat-wave nonsense that’s about to drop in PDX…

It looks like temperatures are going to be soaring over the next week. Not all animal-loving Portlanders have air-conditioners and because I care so much about all of you and your precious pets, here are a few pointers from your friendly neighborhood dog walker and pet sitter for making sure they’re safe at home while you’re away.

– Give them easy access to lots of cool, fresh water

– Make sure your pets have a shady spot in the house to hang out. Consider moving them, their bed/blankets, or crates to an area of the house that is cooler. Shut doors or use baby gates to keep them confined to the cooler area of the house.

– Keep shades or curtains drawn during the day to keep the sun and heat out. Open windows and shades overnight to let cool air in.

happy girl

happy girl

– Walk your dogs early in the day and keep kitties, bunnies, and other small pets indoors. Beware of very hot ground burning your pups paws. Make sure not to over-exercise them – don’t worry about giving your pups a strenuous workout and keep a keen eye on their behavior and body temperature. You can feel the temperature of the inside of their ears to see how warm they are. Excessive panting, drooling, stumbling, or difficulty breathing are some warning signs of the start of over-heating.

– Short-nosed dogs are very susceptible to problems in the heat so be extra careful with them during hot weather.

– Give your pets a wet-towel rub down or light spray bottle bath and let them sit in front of a fan. Ooooo, weee! That feels good. Or, prepare a shallow kiddie pool for them to cool off in.

– Brush your pets to improve circulation throughout their hair or fur.

– Of course, never, ever leave your pets in a car on a warm day.

Have fun this summer!