Places for Dogs and Their People

Short Sands Beach:

10 out of 10

This piece of paradise is tucked away in one corner of Smuggler’s Cove in Oswald West State Park.

To get to the beach, park on the east side of the 101 freeway. From the parking lot there is a short walk on a paved path down to the beach.  Along the path you’ll wind through a mature forest, pass uprooted thousand year old trees, watch waterfalls, and finally cross a wooden bridge that leads you straight to the beach.

Make sure to enjoy the views of the river as you peruse the natural beauty surrounding you.

The river empties straight onto the beach in a few different places and flows directly into the water.

We went to Short Sands on a Monday and crowds were gone after the weekend ended. The beach is the most beautiful I’ve ever been to. The thick forest grows right up to the shore. Surfers and dogs ruled the water and the sand. Dogs ran in and out of the waves and the river, lapping up the clean river water as they played.

Short Sands is an idyllic spot in the Pacific North West. Since it’s only 90 minutes from Portland don’t miss this stop when you’re in Oregon.