Ruff Mutts Policies & Rates


Ruff Mutts promises to provide gentle, caring, responsible care for all pets using humane tools & force-free handling methods.


It is best to contact Rae if you have general administrative questions or concerns. The best way to get ahold of us is through email. For last minute concerns, sending a text message will likely be most efficient. Phone calls or texts are best in emergency situations. All scheduling is done through Pet Cloud, the online booking system.  All clients instruct the pet care providers directly – Rae does not direct the pet care providers – so it is imperative that you provide instructions for your pet care provider directly in the Pet Cloud system.  If you have particular questions or concerns about details from an appointment, please contact your pet care provider directly via their Ruff Mutts email address.

*Please understand, that our schedules demand many field hours where we are handling dogs. This means our administration hours are limited and we are often not available immediately by phone, text, or email unless an emergency arises.*

Rates & Fees

Each client is offered one free 30 minute consultation. Additional consultations can be provided, as needed, for an additional fee.

Standard rates are applicable to services schedule Monday through Friday between 9am to 5pm. We charge a $5.00 fee for services scheduled outside of those hours. We charge a $10 fee for training services schedule on weekends. Our Holiday service charge is $8.00 per scheduled visit, not service. Holidays are: Thanksgiving Day, Christmas Eve, Christmas Day, New Year’s Eve, New Year’s Day, Independence Day.

We work within a minimum of a 2 hour window. To avoid having a $5.00 fee added to your service, please book the entire 2 hour window between 9a & 5p. Ruff Mutts takes your privacy very seriously & we will arrive within the agreed upon hours. The 2 hour window is an arrival time. Please specify a minimum of a 2 hour window when you book an appointment. If a window is not specified, we will assume any walk booked within our midday window may take place between 11a – 3p. Appointments booked outside of this window will have a 2 hour window around the time requested.

DoTimely Overview

DoTimely is a software developed specifically for Dog Walking and Pet Sitting companies. It is accessible from any device. You can log-in on your computer at work or download the mobile app for your phone to use it on the go. To download the app, please search for DoTimely. For access on your computer, please go to DoTimely. We have prepared a log-in for your personal profile. You username is your email address & your temporary password is will be emailed to you from the site. Completing your profile as thoroughly as possible is imperative as our pet care providers use the information stored in your profile to take care of your pet(s). Please take time to update your information & explore all the great features that this system has to offer, including:

  • Customer Profile
    • Update your personal information, such as contact info and service address.
  • Pet Profile
    • When you log-in, you will see your account & profile, which reflects some of your pet’s basic details. Please take some time to review the pet profile pages & add details as needed – we are asking you take this as an opportunity to update your pet’s profile with the most current information. The details in your account profile are imperative to providing services – it will be viewable to our team and will give us all the info we need to take great care of your pets.
  • Vet Info
  • Additional Information
    • This section will allow you to complete important & detailed info we will use during our visits, such as where pet’s belongings are, premise details, and how to access your home.
  • Appointments & Calendar View
    • Request to book appointments right through the system & view your schedule with Ruff Mutts on your own personal calendar. You can add details straight to the appointments if you have specific needs for your pet care provider, like, “Please feed Samson!” Please be sure to include a minimum of a 2hr arrival window in the note of your appointment for our pet care providers. One feature we’re really excited about is the detailed reports from your pet care provider’s visits. These can be viewed after each visit & will include the check-in & check-out time & location, a note from your dog walker with info about the visit, & a photo from the start & end of the service. When you view the calendar, your schedule should reflect any appointments that have already been requested & confirmed. Please review your pet’s calendar schedule to verify your appointments are reflected in PetCloud correctly.
  • Billing
    • Here, you can store your credit card info to make easy payments right through the system (the online merchant is Stripe). We no longer accept payment via cash or check.
  • Invoices & Status
    • View & manage your invoices through your profile whenever you are. You will see the status whether paid or unpaid and can submit payment through the system with just a few clicks.


Invoices are generated twice per month on or the 1st & 16th of the month. Invoices are due on either the 15th or last day of the month. We accept payment via credit card. Any credit cards stored on file in DoTimely will be automatically charge on each due date if a manual payment has not been made by the due date (this is our method of auto-pay). We do not accept advance payments or payments for amounts other than what is invoiced in your profile. We charge a $10.00 late fee for any outstanding balances.

Booking Appointments, Schedule Changes, & Cancellations

We accept appointment requests, changes, or cancellations through the booking system only. We do not accept schedule changes or updates through email, text, phone or any other method. Ruff Mutts reserves the right to cancel appointments anytime for any reason. If cancelling an appointment is necessary, we will make our best effort to cancel as early as possible.

Administration hours are from Monday through Friday, 9am to 5pm. Appointments cannot be cancelled or changed after 5PM the business day before. Weekend appointments cannot be cancelled, scheduled, or changed after 5PM Friday. In the case that an appointment must be cancelled after service hours, the full service rate will be charged. **For example, if you need to request or change a Saturday, Sunday, or Monday appointment, it must be done (at the latest), by 5PM Friday to avoid a full rate charge.** You can submit schedule changes at anytime, day or night, however, if schedule changes are submitted after hours, we will handle them the following business day.

Please use the ‘note’ section of the appointment to notate any particulars that you would like us to do during a scheduled service, such as the time window for the visit, & what you would like us to do during that visit, for example, “Between 3 & 5pm, walk Louie, refresh his water, & then feed him dinner. There is a kong in the freezer you can leave him with when you leave. Please leave the porch light on & a light for Louie.”

All holiday pet sitting requests once confirmed cannot be cancelled.  In the case that a major holiday request must be cancelled, the full rate for the entire booked vacation will be charged. 

Keys & Lock Boxes

Ruff Mutts does not carry client keys. We request keys (or other means of access to your home) are located on the premises in a secure location, preferably a lock box. Here are some suggestions: