Ruff Mutts Dog Walking and Pet Sitting is NOW in SE Portland!

Join us for another fun Ruff Mutts park meet-up! This month, we’ll be hanging at Laurelhurst Park for an hour, playing & lounging in the sun with our pups & chatting it up. We’ll have some refreshments, too.

We’re also happy to announce the newest member of our team – Carita Lamorticella, who will be working with our SE dwelling clients. We invite you and your furry family to welcome Carita to our family in person. For those clients who desire to meet her before she performs services in your home, we encourage you to take advantage of this free opportunity to get to know her. 

Ollie and Periwinkle duke it out!

*NOTE: Please do not bring your pup to the park if he or she has aggression issues. This is a PUBLIC off-leash area. If you have doggies who do not like the dog park but would still like them to meet Carita, please let us know so we can work something out – maybe we can meet at your car parked a safe distance away from the off-leash area.