Ruff Mutts offers a variety of services to meet the specific needs of your family. We provide custom care & exercising services to ensure your furry family members get the amount of stimulation, enrichment, and love that they need. Our training & behavior modification techniques are science based & gentle to ensure we honor and promote the bond between you.

Happy Emma!

Dog exercising & pet sitting visits include any or all of the following: exercise, potty break, play time, water refreshing, mail or packages brought inside, lights turned on/off, plants watered, medication administered, food prepared, and always hugs, kisses, belly rubs, or whatever your furry friend wants!! Let us know what is right for your family.

All basic exercising services include a gratis 30 minute in-person consultation with your dog’s regular dog walker (this gratis consultation does not apply to dog training services).

Dog training & behavior modification services include one-on-one training with you & your pet in your home, training services working with your dog while you are away from home, & always include a plan for you to continue training your dog at home.

Each service is tracked in DoTimely, our online client portal, so you know you’re dog is getting a great service. You can easily & efficiently request services on-line or from your phone, view clock-in & clock-out time, service details (GPS) & photos, pay your bill online (including auto-pay), & even receive an emailed note from your dog walker right after the service.

Our employees stand above the rest.

All staff are required to attend quarterly handling & protocol sessions at Ruff Mutts, safety & pet first aid trained through Red Cross, covered with worker’s compensation insurance, have liability insurance & bonding through Pet Sitters & Associates, & just generally great, bright, caring people. You can be sure that your dog & pet sitter is not just only an animal lover but a specialist in the field.

Private Walks

Solo walks for sensitive dogs

Up to 2 dogs from the same home

30 Minutes
45 Minutes
60 Minutes

Buddy Walks

Paired walks for social dogs

Up to 3 dogs from homes in same neighborhood

30 Minutes
45 Minutes
60 Minutes

Discounts available for five walks per week!

Does your pup love to wrestle, chase, & gallop with other dogs, bark wildly while sprinting donuts in the grass, play keep away and tug-of-war with giant sticks, scamper & bound through piles of fall leaves, zoom through the park chasing flying tennis balls, & just get ridiculously silly? And do you need help working off your pups excessive energy?

If your answer is yes, then our Dog Park Adventures are for you!

Our Dog Park Adventures offer:

  • midday service Mondays through Fridays
  • up-to 3 hour round-trip outdoor play group adventure
  • small regular packs of up to 5 dogs
  • 1.5 hours of rigorous physical exercise to run, play, swim, wrestle, fetch, & hike in the rain, sun, or snow
  • training & practice with foundational skills like polite greetings with new dogs & strangers, impulse control, gentle & appropriate play, & basic cues with a certified trainer

Each dog is required to provide vaccination records, keep their dog on a flea & tick control, and be spayed or neutered. We administer a meet-n-greet with the guardian & dogs & a Private Dog Park Adventure ($65) to assess if your dog’s behavior is appropriate for the group. We do not discriminate – any size and breed is welcome!

Only $37 per dog for a 3 hour round-trip adventure!


Cats get lonely too. Bunnies, birds, frogs, and hogs all need someone to talk to while you’re away. We’re dog fanatics, but we love kitties and critters just as much. Our daily critter visits keep your animals happy, clean, and healthy so you can enjoy their company rather than their nerves when you get home from work. Each visit can include litter box or cage cleaning, feeding, water refreshing, and lots of love and affection. Just let us know what works for you & your little critter!

30 Minute Visit


45 Minute Visit


*Visits on weekends/before 9am or after 7pm add $5 per visit.


Spoil your dogs with our custom overnight service, which includes a cuddly sleepover with your fur-baby and exercise morning & evening to ensure their comfort while you’re away. *Midday services should be booked separately.

$ Call for custom rates! $


Our Vacation Sitting service includes 3 visits each day, morning (45 minutes), afternoon (45 minutes), & evening tuck-in (15 minutes) to keep your pets happy & healthy while you’re away. This service includes exercise, cuddle time, water & food refreshing, & any other activities you’d like us to do! We’re happy to do small household items to keep your home live-in & secure.

$65 per day

*$10 weekend fee

Private Training

Teach your dog good behaviors or eliminate problem behaviors while strengthening your bond. Work with one of our force-free positive reinforcement trainers to better your life & your dog’s. Training sessions include:

  • instruction with a CPDT-KA or APDT trainer
  • up to 3 topics to discuss
  • a one page Training Plan to help you continue training at home
  • on-going support from our staff

Ruff Mutts trainers use science-based methods to modify behaviors & teach new behaviors. Working kindly with your dog is the humane & fun way to see positive changes!

$90 per hour

Training Walks

Does your dog need help with loose leash walking, polite greetings with strangers, and basic outdoor manners? Is your dog reactive toward dogs, people, or more? Sign up for training walks & start enjoying walks with your dog.

Our training walks include:

  • one-on-one training with your dog and a CPDT-KA or APDT trainer
  • behavior modification using humane, positive, & force free methods
  • techniques that are quick to learn & fun to do
  • on-going support from our staff
  • option to train dogs while you are away or home

To provide consistency in our training plan, training walks require a pre-requisite Private Training Session with the guardian. Here, we will discuss reasons why the behavior may be occurring, methods & techniques to modify a behavior, & transfer the skills & knowledge necessary to work together to see a change in your dog.

$30 for 30 minutes

$42 for 45 minutes

$55 for 60 minutes

Board & Train

If your dog needs specialized, intensive help curbing behavior issues or if you want your puppy to establish great behaviors from the start board & train is for you! Our board & train offers:

  • one 30 minute meet-n-greet prior to the start of services at our home
  • boarding in a home with a force-free CPDT-KA trainer
  • basic care including feeding, medication administration, exercise, & affection
  • multiple daily training & behavior modification sessions using science based, positive reinforcement methods
  • daily client check-ins with photos & progress report
  • comprehensive progress report & custom training plan to continue progress going forward
  • one 60 minute training consultation upon your return

Some common issues we address in board & train include: puppy manners, basic manners, leash reactivity, impulse control, socialization, polite play, potty training, resource guarding, recall, loose-leash walking, & more.

All dogs who board with us must be fully vaccinated, on a flea & tick medication, & cat & dog friendly. The length of board & train will be determined on a case-by-case basis.

$130 per 24 hour period

Join us for a 6 week Skills course this fall!

Basic Skills Class 1

$180 for 6 Classes with Dogs Present

When: Saturday starting 9/22/18 & ending 11/3/18 from 10:00am – 11:00am (skip Saturday 10/6/18)
Where: Vancouver, WA

Puppy Skills Class 1

$180 for 6 Classes with Dogs Present

When: Saturday starting 9/22/18 & ending 11/3/18 from 11:15am – 12:15pm (skip Saturday 10/6/18)
Where: Vancouver, WA

For class details & descriptions, please view our Dog Training page.