Special Addition

I’d like to introduce a new weekly post that I’m really excited to include on my blog! ‘Special Addition’ will occur every Wednesday and I will post amazing and available critters residing at The Orange County Animal Shelter. The posts will aim to include animals that need a good home and who will, in turn, make a home better. I’ll do my best to get to know each one and will let you in on the haps. I’ll include different ones every week and different types. After all, it’s a big decision to add a new family member. I just hope to ease the process.

Magnificent Mutts:


handsome young mutt

Rusty is currently resting in kennel 312. His permanent ID is A1043032. He is believed to be a  9 month Airedale Terrier/Labrador mix. He is currently medium sized but it’s likely he’ll end up in the large dog group. The volunteers report that the fellow walks well on a leash and adores people. He has a beautiful copper and blonde coat.



Stuart is currently residing in kennel 309. His permanent ID is A1045305. He is believed to be a 6 month old pomeranian mix. Mr. Stuart is a small dog (less than 10 pounds) and it’s likely he’ll stay that way. He is a darling, yappy free guy who loves attention and head scratches. He has a long haired tan coat. He is truly a special sir!


Ozzie… where to start? The shelter volunteers requested I add him to the list and it’s not hard to see why. As an australian shepherd and beagle mix, his personality is sparkling with intelligence and calmness. He is a gentle soul waiting for the right home. He is estimated to be 2 years old, though you’ll know he’s on his 17th life when you gaze deep into those golden eyes. He has his medium size and short hair from  his beagle side. However, his coat shows off his beautiful australian shepherd roots in its beige, tan, white, and brown colors. His permanent ID is A1044271. Don’t walk – run down to the shelter for this one…

Aurora precious

wishing for a comfy pillow

So beautiful! So calm! So warm! So sweet! So gentle! So precious! So hopeful!       This girl is ready to be molded into your perfect companion. But remember, she will need you to teach her everything and will be equal parts work and fun! What a gem. The girl was born beautiful with a cream colored coat and complementing white socks. At three months, she’s still got quite a bit of growing to do and will likely end up as a medium dog around 50 pounds. Find her in kennel 350. Her permanent ID is A1045164.

Gremmy asking for freedom

yum yum

Gremmy is an adorable 3 year old Cairn Terrier Mix who loves dogs and people. He is an absolute sweetie waiting for someone to romantically sweep him off his feet. He’s currently staying in kennel 360 and his permanent ID is A1042406. He’s ready to be adopted today and very deserving! The little dude is less than 10 pounds and will stay that way. If you’re looking for a sweet, little guy, he’s the one! He sports a long, wire haired coat in cream and white, but has adorable gray spots all over his body. Such a cutie!

Lovely Nina

petite fille

Nina is a black beauty, rat terrier mix. She is just yearning for human affection! According to the volunteers, she loves to run, jump, and play and would be great for someone who is very active or is interested in agility training. The shelter believes she’s about 6 months old. As a tiny girl, she’ll grow a little but will stay under 20 pounds. Her coat is sleek black with an adorning white patch. She is currently in kennel 364 and her permanent ID is A1040966.

A special Lady

Lady is a beautiful,  5 year old pure blood, black and tan Doberman Pinscher. She’s also still got her floppy ears in tact, which just softens her enough to be able to rock the name Lady.  As a perfect specimen of the large breed, this girl shouldn’t be available long. It’s likely someone will snatch her up because of the special girl she is. Lady is a character who smiles on command, according to the staff at the Orange County Animal Shelter, and who has a battle scar above her left eye (as seen in the picture). She is longing for a friend and will be a great companion to someone looking for a girl to share everything with. She is currently in kennel 326 and her permanent ID is A1044010.

Jackie boy

It shouldn’t be a secret that I have a special place in my heart for pitties. Jack is no exception. He’s such a handsome blue and white 7 month old I can’t understand why this gentle guy has not already been swept away. He’s a sweet dude who loves to please. He likes to play with his toys in his kennel and enjoys greeting visitors with a wagging tail as they saunter by. His smile is big, bold, and hopeful and one that could brighten the worst of days. He’s medium sized now and will likely fill out but just miss the large dog category.  Please visit him at kennel 362. His permanent ID is A1044628.


can't stop smiling

Jackson is a 5 month old Cairn Terrier mix who can’t stop smiling. In fact, I couldn’t get a photo without it. He’s a cutie pie. If you want people to stop you on the street and rave over how cute your furry buddy is, he’s the one. I don’t know what it is, but his charming way could knock you right over! This little guy packs a punch. He loves affection and is waiting for his special someone to take him home. He’s a tiny guy who won’t get too much bigger and will likely stay under 10 pounds. His wire haired coat is grey, black, and white and boy does he know how to wear it! You can find him in kennel 295 and his permanent ID is A1043676.


Remington is a 1 year old Miniature Schnauzer mix. His brindle, grey, and white wire haired coat is really just gorgeous! This guy has the sweetest sad, golden eyes you’ve ever seen.  They just kill you! He’s very affection, patient, and likes to be held. He’d be a great lap dog and will steal your heart. He’s a tiny guy who’ll stay under 10 pounds. His permanent ID A1041566. Visit him at kennel 321 and take him home today.

Cutie Kitties:




Mache is a super sassy 4 month old brown and white short hair tabby cat. What a treat to meet this little fellow! He’s currently playful in kennel C-67 and his permanent ID is A1045507.


Pinball is a black and white domestic shorthair kittie who’s only about 3 months old. This cutie pie is almost irresistible! His permanent ID is A1032673.

Kittie Critters

This shout out goes to the kitties in C-69. Amazing little critters who deserve all that life has to offer.

Prix on tricks



And last but not least, a very special someone with a very awesome talent: pole standing? Hilarious. Crazy, crazy kritty I could not get to sit down, stay quiet and smile nicely for the picture. Check her out in kennel C-53. She’s only about 2 months old. Her permanent ID is A1045204.