The New Kid on the Block

Playing the field

I’m totally stoked to introduce you all to Dallas, our new furry friend! After Alysa (now Emma) was adopted, I was so anxious to meet our next critter and wow were we lucky to end up with this dude. First of all, who doesn’t love a lab? And second, who doesn’t love the perfect mutt. I have to admit, Laura from Labs & Buddies sort of undersold this one. I expected a big lug who didn’t know much about the world. I expected to have to show him the way from square one. But to our delight and surprise, Dallas is moving right along with his rehab and has quickly turned into a gem that needs to be discovered by the right spelunker.

So here’s a little about this dashing, young fellow for those who are looking or know someone who’s looking for that perfect man… He’s a large lab perhaps 60 or 65 pounds. I believe him to be the ever desired golden retriever/labrador mix as he possesses the spirit and handsome looks of both breeds! His bright green eyes will make you feel gushy and lovey-dovey from the minute you stare into them. And his mellow, kind nature will surely be a great addition to any house-hold. He is a gentleman on a leash and a lover of the ladies. Oh, did I mention that my cat is smitten with him already? Periwinkle thinks he’s the bee’s knees – yeah, she told me so.

Periwinkle's new boyfriend.

Anyway, before the ladies of the house become too attached, we’re hoping to find the perfect family that he can romance and run away with. C’est toi? If so, please get a hold of me asap. Until we meet again…