World Cup Pups

Congrats to the USA on their first World Cup game today! The games have officially started in my book. I must admit I’m disappointed we didn’t completely sock-it to those Brits, but am very pleased with our performance and the 1-1 draw.

I am a serious soccer fan. The World Cup is an event I’ve been crazily anticipating for months. In celebration of my excitement, I’m hosting a giveaway! If your pups like looking cute in patriotic colors then they’re in for a treat. I have two absolutely awesome hand screen-printed hankeys that will help your little critter cheer on those Yankees. These small gifts will go to the two who can tell me why he (or she) and his (or her) pup are the most deserving. Please leave your comments below. Two winners will be announced Wednesday, June 16th!

Yankee Hankey

I have one hankey in red and one in white. I think these should comfortably fit a large dog.

These were lovingly printed and donated by Charlie Bow. If anyone is interested in purchasing a hankey, please contact me directly.